Dr. Burkhart uses her knowledge in Western/conventional medicine in conjunction with her integrative medicine training to provide a unique perspective on health issues. Dr. Burkhart lives with celiac disease and has eight family members with celiac disease. She understands, on a very personal level, the challenges of living with a chronic health condition.
Pizza with pepperoni- are the proteins in milk making you sick

Are the Proteins in Milk Making People Sick?

Part 2 of a two-part series on a2 milk. For part 1 click here. Is a2 milk the answer to having dairy without issue? For some, the image of a warm slice of cheese pizza brings about feelings of elation and joy. For others,…

comida dieta fodmap

La dieta baja en FODMAP y el gluten

  La intolerancia a los FODMAP: una causa de la sensibilidad al gluten  La intolerancia a los FODMAP ahora está implicada como la causa principal de la sensibilidad al gluten no celíaca. La dieta baja en FODMAP está lista para reemplazar a la dieta…

Chicken Skin ¿El gluten causa queratosis pilaris (piel de gallina)?

¿El gluten causa queratosis pilaris (piel de gallina)?

De acuerdo con el «Dr. Google», las pequeñas protuberancias conocidas popularmente como «piel de gallina» que se producen en la parte posterior de los brazos y en las mejillas así como en los muslos pueden curarse eliminando el gluten de la dieta. ¿Hay verdad…

Ultima Replenisher

Dr. Burkhart’s Product Spotlight

There are so many options available now for people on restricted diets. I want to highlight a few of my favorites that you may or may not be familiar with. Options are listed for grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, dye-free products. All products listed are gluten-free.…

stomach saying out of order for SIBO and Inflammatory Bowel Disease-New Research

SIBO and Inflammatory Bowel Disease ( IBD)

High Risk of SIBO With Inflammatory Bowel Disease Recent research shows the risk of SIBO in inflammatory bowel disease is 9x higher than in the general population.If you have had strictures or abdominal surgery your risk may be even higher. High Risk of SIBO…