Online Grocery Shopping

Online Gluten-Free Shopping Resources

Online Gluten-Free Shopping Resources   Due to the Covid-19/Coronavirus Pandemic, the rate of online grocery shopping has skyrocketed. For people on restricted diets, alternatives for staple foods may be difficult to find. I want to take this opportunity to provide *resources beyond for…

Highlights Amy Burkhart MD RD

Highlights from Amy Burkhart MD RD

Highlights from Amy Burkhart MD RD Jan-Feb 2020 Hi Everyone! If you haven’t caught my posts this past month or so,  I am trying to make it a little easier to keep up to speed with the happenings! Here are some recent highlights from…

Gluten Free Trip to Ecuador

Gluten Free In Ecuador

Years ago, I traveled with my backpack and Lonely Planet guide to Ecuador. I loved the fact that I could see the Amazon, the Andes, volcanos, and beaches, all within a days travel. At that time, the words ‘“gluten-free” had not entered my vocabulary.…