Amy Burkhart MD, RD


Amy Burkhart MD, RD

Integrative Medicine Physician and Registered Dietitian.

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At times in medicine, and in life, we need to look outside the box and take a few steps back to find the answer. The importance of diet, environment, stress, sleep and community are all vital to our health and often overlooked as factors in healing.  I am happy to be able to provide a unique perspective on health given my additional training as a registered dietitian and integrative medicine physician.   It takes time to understand complex problems and get to the root cause of an issue. I am happy to be able to provide an environment to do so in my office. Our world is fast-paced, your doctor’s visit shouldn’t be.

Special Interests

Chronic digestive disorders, IBS, IBD, Celiac Disease, Gluten/Wheat related disorders, SIBO, Low FODMAP Diets, Dysautonomia/POTS, Food allergies/sensitivities


University of Arizona Associate Fellowship in Integrative Medicine 2002-2004
Highland Hospital/UCSF-Residency Training in Emergency Medicine 1995-99
The University of California, Irvine College of Medicine MD  1990-1995
University Of Chicago Celiac Disease Preceptorship 2012
Registered Dietitian-RD 1990-present
University of California, Berkeley-Coordinated Internship in Nutrition and Dietetics 1989
The University of California, Berkeley-BS in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics  Class of 1989
Dr. Burkhart is a board-certified Physician and a Registered Dietitian. She received her MD degree at the University of California, Irvine College of Medicine. She completed an emergency medicine residency at the Highland Hospital/UCSF program.

Dr. Burkhart also completed a two-year fellowship in integrative medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona. In addition, she completed a preceptorship program at the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center for additional training in the area of celiac disease/gluten disorders.

Her undergraduate studies were done at the University of California Berkeley in the field of clinical nutrition and dietetics. She also completed her clinical nutrition/dietetics internship at U.C. Berkeley.

Dr. Burkhart uses her knowledge in Western/conventional medicine in conjunction with her integrative medicine training to provide a unique perspective on health issues.

Dr. Burkhart lives with celiac disease and has eight family members with celiac disease. She understands, on a very personal level, the challenges of living with a chronic health condition.

Community Work-Current

Board Member and Medical Advisor: Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California. She is a specialist in celiac disease and gluten/wheat-related disorders. She has educated physicians, dietitians, and the general public about celiac disease and gluten sensitivity since 2008.

Camp Celiac: Volunteer Physician 2010-Present

Medical Advisory Board: Gluten Free and More Magazine 2015-2019

Member North American Society for the study of Celiac Disease 2016-present


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