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Woman standing on a whole body vibration plate to do exercise and experience whole body vibration therapy and vibration plate benefits. Warable vibration devices have benefits too

Do Wearables & Whole Body Vibration Plates Improve Health?

Vibration Plates & WearablesCan They Help Anxiety, Sleep, Bones, Tinnitus, Or Gut Health?Quackery or Solid Science? By Amy Burkhart MD, RD At first glance, talking about vibration plates, whole-body vibration therapy, and wearables might conjure up visions of tie-dye t-shirts and flower power posters.…

alpha gal symptoms start after a tick bite and then eating meat. Image is of a young woman holding a burger

Alpha gal Symptoms, Testing & Treatment Explained

Alpha Gal Syndrome Mimics Allergic Reactions & Stomach ProblemsAlpha gal can look like IBS, Histamine Intolerance, SIBO &Food Allergies2024 By Amy Burkhart MD, RD Why do some people who were previously able to eat certain foods without issue suddenly develop a food allergy or…

Test Fodmap diet with foods on the low fodmap diet which can help IBS and gluten sensitivity

A Low FODMAP Diet Helps IBS & Gluten Sensitivity.

The Low FODMAP Diet Improves IBS Symptoms More Than MedicationMeds Not As Effective For Irritable Bowel Syndrome As Diet By Amy Burkhart MD, RD Updated 2024 A  new study found a low-fodmap diet more helpful than medication in decreasing the symptoms of irritable bowel…