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Garclic is a common low fodmap food. Couple is eating pizza containing gluten and garlic

FODMAP Foods ( NOT Gluten) Cause “Gluten” Sensitivity

FODMAP Foods ( NOT Gluten) Cause Most Gluten SensitivityThe Low FODMAP Diet May Be Needed To Treat Gluten Sensitivity By Amy Burkhart MD, RD Researchers investigating gluten sensitivity were surprised to discover that the majority of individuals experiencing symptoms after consuming wheat were not reacting…


Konjac Jelly, Noodles & Flour; Health Benefits & Risks

Konjac Jelly, Noodles, Flour & RiceHealth Benefits & Risks TABLE OF CONTENTS What Is Konjac Uses For Konjac Noodles Jelly Rice Sponge Flour As an ingredient Health Benefits of Konjac Recipes Risks associated with Konjac Where To Buy Konjac The Wrap Up By Amy…

A cup of bulletproof coffee sitting on a wood plank wtih a beautiful mountain scenery in the background

Bulletproof Coffee: Questions Answered & Recipe

Bulletproof CoffeeQuestions, Answers & Recipe By Amy Burkhart MD, RD   What is bulletproof coffee? Does it live up to its health claims of aiding weight loss and improving memory, focus, and energy? Are there any other benefits or risks to this popular morning…

Wine and cheese being served on a tray. Both can trigger symptoms in mast cell activation syndrome / MCAS. These can trigger MCAS symptoms

MCAS Symptoms: Headaches, Hives, Heartburn & More

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)MCAS Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment By Amy Burkhart MD, RD   Mast cell activation syndrome, MCAS, is blamed for symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation, pain, headaches, rashes, fatigue, palpitations, and more. MCAS symptoms can be triggered by foods such as…