Frequently Asked Questions

Do you treat conditions other than Celiac Disease or Non-celiac gluten sensitivity? 

Yes. Dr. Burkhart treats many chronic digestive conditions. She has particular interests in Celiac disease, Gluten sensitivity, SIBO,  IBS  and Dysautonomia/POTS. If you have further questions regarding your condition, leave a message at the office (707) 927-5622 and we will get back to you.

Do you treat patients from out of the area?  

Yes. Dr. Burkhart has many patients that live out of her immediate area. All appointments are currently being done via video/telemedicine.

Do you treat children? 

Dr. Burkhart will see any child over the age of 5 that has a regular pediatrician and younger children on a case by case basis.

Do you treat autism? 

Dr. Burkhart is not a specialist in autism spectrum disorders.

How many times will I need to see you? 

The frequency with which she sees her patients differs between each individual. While some patients may only need to see her once or twice, others may need additional appointments.

Do you perform intestinal biopsies?  

Dr. Burkhart does not perform biopsies but will refer you to a gastroenterologist when the procedure is indicated.

Do you take insurance? 

Dr. Burkhart does not participate with insurance but will give you forms to submit to your insurance for her services. Most patients receive at least partial reimbursement for her services. Health Savings Plans typically apply all her fee to the plan. These factors vary and you can check with your insurance company.  Labs she orders are typically, but not always covered by your insurance. Please check with your insurance provider for your individual situation.

What are your office hours? 

Dr. Burkhart’s hours are Tuesday and Thursdays 7:30- 2:30. Other accomodations will be made on a case by case basis for patients traveling from out of town. Please call (707) 927-5622 for appointments.

Can you recommend any gluten-free restaurants near your office? 

We have a page dedicated to a Napa Valley Gluten Free Dining, please click here to view selections.

Can you recommend lodging near your office? 

Please visit the following page to view recommended lodging locations near our office.

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