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Gac Fruit: The Superfood You Have Never Heard Of

Gac FruitThe Superfood You Have Never Heard Of By Amy Burkhart MD, RD New to Gac fruit? You aren’t alone. Gac fruit is emerging as a new superfood for health and vitality (1). What is so special about this unusual looking fruit originating from…

rice dish in bowl rice in arsenic is a concern on a gluten free diet

Arsenic in Rice & Gluten-Free Diet

Arsenic In Rice By Amy Burkhart MD, RD   Should Gluten-Free Dieters Be Worried? Arsenic in rice-should you be worried? Rice is a staple component of the gluten-free diet, so many who follow the diet are concerned. A Consumer Reports video segment titled “Why…

back pain gluten baker in white jacket and hat holding baguettes and his back looking like he is in pain. El dolor de la espalda y gluten un hombre colgando su espalda y llevando pan

Back Pain and Gluten

The Link Between Gluten And Back Pain By Amy Burkhart MD RD For most people, back pain does not evoke any thought of gluten intolerance. Clearly, most back pain is not attributable to gluten; there are far more common reasons to experience it.* But…