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POTS and gluten. A young woman lies on a bench wearing compression stockings. A gluten free diet may help pots

POTS Syndrome And Gluten: A Connection

POTS Syndrome And GlutenDoes Gluten Worsen Pots Syndrome Symptoms? POTS syndrome is linked to gluten and may also be connected to autoimmune disorders. POTS, a form of dysautonomia, has also been identified as a common symptom of long-haul COVID. Removing gluten from the diet…

Test Fodmap diet with foods on the low fodmap diet which can help IBS and gluten sensitivity

A Low FODMAP Diet Helps IBS & Gluten Sensitivity.

The Low FODMAP Diet Improves IBS Symptoms More Than MedicationMeds Not As Effective For Irritable Bowel Syndrome As Diet By Amy Burkhart MD, RD Updated 2024 A  new study found a low-fodmap diet more helpful than medication in decreasing the symptoms of irritable bowel…


Tests For Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance/Sensitivity

Testing For Celiac Disease And Gluten Intolerance By Amy Burkhart MD, RD How do you test for celiac disease and gluten intolerance? The information on this topic can be dizzying. Let’s simplify it. Celiac Disease Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition that occurs in…

Couple reading a gluten free label on packaging

What Does Gluten-Free Mean? 2024 Update

What Is Gluten-Free? What We Know And What's New? By Amy Burkhart MD, RD What does gluten-free mean? It is still everywhere: labels, menus, podcasts, and apps.  Let’s explain what gluten is and what gluten-free means in 2024. Let’s catch up on new information…