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steak on a plate with tomato contains meat glue which may be a cause of autoimmune disease

Is Meat Glue A Cause Of Autoimmune Disease?

Meat Glue May Trigger Some Autoimmune Disease By Amy Burkhart MD, RD   What is meat glue? And what does it have to do with autoimmune disease? There are likely many reasons autoimmune diseases get “triggered.” Research continues to show that meat glue may…

Free Health & Diet Apps coronavirus covid-19

Free Health And Diet Apps

Free Health And Diet AppsFrom cooking to mental health By Amy Burkhart MD, RD   From cooking to mental health, giving, and more… Let’s look at some free apps focused on health and diet, to help you get through the day and keep you…

people eating pizza and beer, both foods can trigger histamine intolerance

Histamine Intolerance: Symptoms, Diet & Treatment

Histamine IntoleranceAre Histamine Foods Causing Symptoms? By Amy Burkhart MD, RD Histamine intolerance symptoms are non-specific and may be due to many things, but consider histamine intolerance (HIT) if any of the following symptoms occur regularly. Bloating Rashes, Hives, or Eczema Headaches or migraines…


Sucrose Intolerance Explained

Is Sugar Causing You Stomach Problems?Sucrose Intolerance May Be The Reason By Amy Burkhart MD, RD   Bloating? Gas or IBS? These aren’t topics most people like to discuss. Loose stools or diarrhea – these matters are even more taboo. One in 10 people…