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Trending Health Topics December 2020

December brought us a lot of new information on  Covid -19, including the lingering symptoms seen after infection, a warning for people with food allergies considering the covid vaccine, as well as more information on autism and the gut microbiome. So much to learn!…


Gac Fruit: The Superfood You Have Never Heard Of

New to Gac fruit? You aren’t alone. Gac fruit is emerging as a new superfood for health and vitality (1). What is so special about this unusual looking fruit originating from Vietnam? And what is a superfood anyway? What Is Gac Fruit? Initially grown…


Why Gluten-Free Oreos Are A Big Deal

By Amy Burkhart, MD RD Gluten-free Oreos are coming to market soon. This is a big deal to a lot of people. While many folks on restricted diets are happy about gluten-free Oreos because an old favorite is available to them, for me, the…

SIBO and IBS- Image of young woman sitting on couch holding stomach. She is wearing jeans and a sweater and looks very uncomfortable.

What is SIBO? Is it connected to IBS or Gluten?

What Is SIBO? Are SIBO Symptoms Related To IBS Or Gluten? By Amy Burkhart, MD RD What Is SIBO?  What are the symptoms of SIBO? Is there a SIBO test? What about a SIBO diet?  Are SIBO, Gluten, and IBS intertwined? And most importantly,…


Trending Health Topics November 2020

Trending Topics November 2020 Trending topics in November 2020 ranged from weighted blankets effect on insomnia to the gut bacteria’s influence on Alzheimer risk, November 2020 was full of interesting new information. Sleep better: Weighted blankets can cure insomnia within a year Sleep problems…