Dr. Amy Burkhart is a doctor (M.D.) and Registered Dietitian ( R.D). Dr. Burkhart is one of only two physicians in the U.S. who is also a dietitian and board certified in integrative medicine. She approaches problems from a unique perspective using traditional medicine, nutrition, and integrative medicine. Follow her on Facebook at Amy Burkhart MD RD or on Instagram @TheCeliacMD
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The Mental Toll of the Gluten-Free Diet

By Amy Burkhart MD, RD The Mental Effects Of Following A Gluten-Free Diet The term “gluten-free” is now commonplace in our daily lives. Because of gluten’s popularity, people believe adhering to a gluten-free diet is easy. Gluten-free food is everywhere. Thus people assume it…

Thistle Food Delivery:

Gluten-Free Meal Delivery Services

Gluten-Free Meals Delivered! Low Fodmap options too! Fresh ‘N Lean Food Delivery: 100% Gluten Free 100% Gluten Free: Fresh ‘N Lean uses a certified gluten free kitchen that delivers right to your door. Free shipping across the Continental US. Modify Health Food Delivery: 100% Gluten…

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100 Percent Gluten-Free Deli and Bagel Shop

Hands down the best gluten-free bagel I have ever had! Don’t miss Modern Bread and Bagel next time you are in New York City. This is the first “Deli” I have found that is 100 percent gluten-free and the line out the door proves…

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Favorite Resources – Reliable Gut Health Websites

Reliable Resources: Gut Health Websites By Amy Burkhart MD, RD These are some of my favorite websites that provide reliable, evidence-based information on gut health and general health topics. General https://examine.com/An unbiased website reporting on nutrition and supplement research https://foodandnutrition.org/Food & Nutrition Magazine® is…