Dr. Amy Burkhart is a doctor (M.D.) and Registered Dietitian ( R.D). Dr. Burkhart is the only physician in the U.S. who is also a dietitian and board certified in integrative medicine. She approaches problems from a unique perspective using traditional medicine, nutrition, and integrative medicine. Follow her on Facebook at Amy Burkhart MD RD or on Instagram @TheCeliacMD
Cotopaxi National Park

Viajar sin gluten por Ecuador

Viajar sin gluten por Ecuador By Amy Burkhart MD, RD Más artículos en español aquí Cambie todo el sitio web a español con el botón en la esquina superior derecha Hace años, viajé con mi mochila y la guía Lonely Planet a Ecuador. Me…

kale onion and black bean arepas

Kale, Onion, and Black Bean Arepas

Kale, Onion, and Black Bean Arepas. By Amy Burkhart MD, RD SERVINGS: 8 SERVING SIZE: 1 arepa with ⅓ cup filling (71 grams) PREP TIME: 10 minutes COOKING TIME: 25 minutes Ingredients 2 cups pre-cooked white cornmeal flour 3 tablespoons (37 milliliters) vegetable oil, divided ¼…

Amy Burkhart in the kitchen Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog. I am an integrative medicine physician (MD) and registered dietitian (RD) who specializes in digestive health and nutrition. My goal is to approach topics from a scientifically sound viewpoint while thinking outside the traditional box.  If you enjoy what you…

100% worldwide gluten-free restaurant guide

World-wide 100 Percent Gluten Free Restaurant Guide

I am so excited to launch my new world-wide 100% gluten-free restaurant guide. It is free! Traveling is one of my passions, quizzing restaurants regarding food preparation is not. Since this project started three years ago, the number of dining options that are 100%…