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gluten free bakery

Life Is Sweet Bakery And Cafe

This week I am featuring Life Is Sweet Bakery And Cafe. It is eight months new and open 7:30-4:00 Tuesday-Friday. Breakfast and lunch are both served up to 2pm. Breakfast will fill you up with items like waffles or omelettes. Or, wanting a new option…

100 percent gluten free san francisco menu for Kitava

Kitava 100% GF, Vegan, AIP & Paleo Friendly

https://theceliacmd.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Kitava-100-Gluten-Free-AIP-and-Paleo-Friendly.mp4 Kitava is a 100% gluten-free restaurant in San Francisco and I give it 10 thumbs up!!!!’ That is two thumbs for each of my family members, including the kids, who claimed it their new favorite restaurant! It is also dairy, soy, corn, refined…


The Game Parlour Gluten Free San Francisco

What a great concept for a restaurant! At “The Game Parlour” you can play board games until you can play no more! And, because everything made in the kitchen is 100% gluten-free you can dine safely while you play. Note: There are crackers, beer…