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Clarifying the Gluten-Free Label Rule

Gluten-Free Labeling By Amy Burkhart MD, RD Explaining the gluten-free labeling rule The FDA’s gluten-free labeling rule has a significant impact on the ability of people with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity to safely choose products at the grocery store. This is the…


Can Celiac Disease Be Contagious?

My Celiac Disease is “Contagious” by Amy Burkhart MD, RD How can celiac disease be contagious? It is an autoimmune disease. You can’t “catch” celiac disease, but the number of people with celiac disease is rising. Why? The “Spread” When I moved back to…

POTS syndrome and gluten. Diet can affect POTS syndrome. Image is man with feet up on desk. He is sleeping

POTS syndrome: Celiac & Gluten: A Connection

POTS Syndrome And Gluten By Amy Burkhart MD, RD Does Eating Gluten Make Pots Syndrome Symptoms Worse?   POTS syndrome and gluten have a connection. POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia) is a form of dysautonomia. For some, POTS syndrome symptoms are made worse by eating…

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Is Gluten Really the Culprit in Gluten Sensitivity?

  The Study A landmark study questioned whether gluten was really the cause of symptoms in gluten-sensitive individuals who did not have celiac disease. The culprit for the “gluten-sensitivity” didn’t appear to be gluten at all. The blame went to FODMAPS, an abbreviation for…