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100 New Additions to the World-Wide Dedicated Gluten Free Restaurant Guide

100 Additions To My 100% Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide A Worldwide Dedicated Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide-Its Free!! We have added over 100 dedicated gluten-free restaurants to my Worldwide 100% Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide. It is FREE!!!!  The guide now contains over 1700 restaurants. It is the most extensive guide of its kind. Please keep restaurants in business by…

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Arsenic in Rice & Gluten-Free Diet

Arsenic In Rice Should Gluten-Free Dieters Be Worried? In the gluten-free community, we hear serious warnings about arsenic in rice. The topic can be complicated and confusing. I hope to simplify it and give you easy tools and guidelines to follow regarding rice consumption while on a gluten-free diet. I recently watched an excellent Consumer…