Hands down the best gluten-free bagel I have ever had! Don’t miss Modern Bread and Bagel next time you are in New York City. This is the first “Deli” I have found that is 100 percent gluten-free and the line out the door proves it is long overdue. In addition to bagels they serve sandwiches, soups,  salads and baked goods. If you want to dine-in you are in luck.  They have a cafe area to enjoy a sit-down meal. Thank you Gluten-Free Globetrotter for the personal recommendation. It was my kids’ highlight of the trip! If you like this information, love travel and want to locate more 100% gluten-free restaurants, take a look at my World-wide 100% gluten-free restaurant guide. You can follow highlights from the guide on its Facebook or Instagram Pages. Check out the video for more images of this “must-visit” shop!!