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dry farm wine is all the rage. Dry farm wines in this image of friends clinking glasses of wine over a picnic table

Are Dry Farm Wines Healthier Than Regular Wines?

Dry Farm WinesAre they really natural, sugar-free and healthier than traditional wine? By Amy Burkhart MD, RD *Thank you to winemaker Chris Carpenter of Cardinale wines for his consultation on this article. Dry farm wines are all the rage in Napa Valley, celebrity circles,…


Konjac Jelly, Noodles & Flour; Health Benefits & Risks

Konjac Jelly, Noodles, Flour & RiceHealth Benefits & Risks TABLE OF CONTENTS What Is Konjac Uses For Konjac Noodles Jelly Rice Sponge Flour As an ingredient Health Benefits of Konjac Recipes Risks associated with Konjac Where To Buy Konjac The Wrap Up By Amy…

A cup of bulletproof coffee sitting on a wood plank wtih a beautiful mountain scenery in the background

Bulletproof Coffee: Questions Answered & Recipe

Bulletproof CoffeeQuestions, Answers & Recipe By Amy Burkhart MD, RD   What is bulletproof coffee? Does it live up to its health claims of aiding weight loss and improving memory, focus, and energy? Are there any other benefits or risks to this popular morning…