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CBD oil being added to coffee to help with IBS

Trending Health News January 2021

January 2021 trending health news brought us hope for change and a departure from 2020! We learned more about the use of CBD for IBS and the limitless benefits of exercise. And, of course,  a lot of information continues to emerge on the fight…

Young boy standing against a wall laughing

Trending Health Topics December 2020

December brought us a lot of new information on  Covid -19, including the lingering symptoms seen after infection, a warning for people with food allergies considering the covid vaccine, as well as more information on autism and the gut microbiome. So much to learn!…


Trending Health Topics November 2020

Trending Topics November 2020 Trending topics in November 2020 ranged from weighted blankets effect on insomnia to the gut bacteria’s influence on Alzheimer risk, November 2020 was full of interesting new information. Sleep better: Weighted blankets can cure insomnia within a year Sleep problems…