Celiac Disease

An Update On Histamine Intolerance and IBS

Several years ago I wrote an article on “Histamine Intolerance” (HIT).  This is a condition that causes many non-specific symptoms and is often associated with digestive issues. I wanted to update you on new research and HIT. It may be important information for anyone…


100 Percent Gluten Free Gelateria

On our first day in Italy someone twisted my arm and made me try the gelato….We opted for a 100 percent gluten free gelateria we happened to find.  It was well deserved of  the line out the door. The wait was short and the…

dolor de la espalda y gluten

Back Pain and Gluten

  Back Pain and Gluten   In my previous practice as an emergency room doctor, I saw numerous people with back pain. It was often due to a traumatic injury related to lifting, a fall or a car accident. However, sometimes we could not…