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“I have always been a very active person and enjoyed a full life, however, I had various health problems for more than 11 years that began taking their toll on my body. I sought help from many health care professionals during that time. I went from Medical Doctors (including a Gastroenterologist), Osteopaths, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists to Massage Therapist’s and no one was able to provide me with a correct diagnosis. Nor did they go beyond treating my symptoms and search for the etiology of my illnesses. It wasn’t until I met Dr. Amy Burkhart that my road to wellness began. 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease after Dr. Burkhart suggested I be tested. I was told by the Gastroenterologist to adopt a gluten free diet and offered an appointment with a dietician. For me, this wasn’t sufficient. I went on a strict gluten free diet and my symptoms and health improved, but I still wasn’t well. I had developed multiple food sensitivities from years of damaging my gut with gluten. Dr. Burkhart put together a comprehensive individualized program that put me on the path to wellness. She helped me discover my food sensitivities, replenish lost vitamins and minerals with high quality supplements and was available to see me through this process. Through her care, I became healthy again, resumed and surpassed all physical activities I had enjoyed many years earlier.”

3 days ago

An update on yesterday's post re: the new 100% gluten-free restaurant located inside a chocolate factory-"Cocoa Planet" I happened to be right by it yesterday and stopped by for lunch. Great outdoor seating, light French fare -sandwiches,salads, cheese and meat plates- along with lovely desserts, coffees, wine and of course lots of chocolate! They will be opening for dinner on the weekends starting in April and plan to clearly label vegan options on the menu soon! Worth the trip!! @realcocoaplanet #glutenfree #glutenfreevegan #celiac #peanutfree #specialdiets #wine #winecountry #dairyfree #Frenchfood #sonoma #cocoaplanet ... See MoreSee Less